Smart Building in 3 steps

Find out more about how you can get your smart building in just 3 steps. 

  • 1

    Install IoT Edge Gateway

    Connect the IoT Edge Gateway to the power supply and your local network. As soon as the gateway can establish an Internet connection, you are ready for the next step. 

    oqdo Iot Edge Gateway
  • 2

    Digital Twin of your BACnet Devices

    The IoT Edge Gateway automatically connects to the desired BACnet devices and creates a digital twin of the BACnet data from the BACnet devices. 

    BACnet Explorer
  • 3

    Link to apps

    Now you can link the BACnet objects with apps (sensors, units, plant components) with just a few clicks. A simple dialog guides you. This gives your data a uniform structure across all your buildings - structured digital twin ontology

    As soon as an app is created and linked to BACnet data, all data, such as temperature profiles, etc., are automatically recorded and you have the option of influencing aggregates (e.g. valves) and settings (e.g. calendar). 

    BACnet Object Mapping
  • 4

    Enjoy your App!

    Yes, that's all it takes to bring a building to life. Enjoy! 

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