Smart buildings

Digital building management and operations are the future, and you can be part of it!

We give you the insights and control you need, to run your buildings effectivly and energy efficient. 

Building management system
Device frame
Building management system App
Device frame

For all kind of buildings

Our building platform fits for all the buildings in your portfolio. No matter if there is just one or a thousand of them.

  • Buildings
  • Hospital buildings
    Hospitals, Care facilities
  • Trevi fountain
    Educational institutions
    Schools, Universities
  • Hotel
    Hotels, Theater
  • Online shop
    Retail Shops
  • Airport
    Airports, Railway Stations

All the Apps you need

Designed with love ❤️


A quick overview of the condition of all your properties 🏢
Building app


Energy is precious🍃. Our app provides real-time insights into the energy consumption of your buildings
Energy management


A ventilation system is an important part of every building.
HVAC Ventilation App


So that it always stays warm and cozy in your buildings.
HVAC Heating App

Scheduler & Calendar

This way you always have control over when something should run.
Scheduler & Calendar


Optimally conditioned so that everyone feels comfortable in it.
Room automation

The features you ever wanted. So easy to use.

 🧠 inside 

  • New


    Organize your assets as you need them.

  • New

    Process view

    See how your assets are connected from a process perspective. This can help you determine the impact of an alarm more quickly.

  • Efficiency Tracking

    Easily compare the efficiency of your facilities.

  • QR Codes

    Use QR Codes to easily locate and identify your assets. 

  • Themes

    Automatically switches to dark theme at night. Your eyes will love it.

  • Alarm Managment

    Integrated learning alarm managment will help you recognize and solve the issues that really count.

  • BACnet inside

    Onboarding your BACnet devices has never been that easy.

  • Coming soon


    Integrate your Bulding Information Models and connect them to your assets to gain more insights.

Cool 😎. How do I start?

The oqdo IoT Edge Gateway to onboard your BACnet Devices and a few clicks. That's all you need. 


Plug & Play

You get a exceptional building management system in just 3 simple steps

Connected 1920x1080 test

Affordable for everyone 💰

You can get oqdo.bos on a monthly base depending on the number of BACnet devices you have connected and the number of people using it.   

You can start small and think big. Without any major investments

Let us keep you up to date

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