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oqdo Smart Building Platform Revolutionizes Residential Complex Heating Efficiency

 📍 Torrelodones, Spain

By Mona2r - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

How oqdo smart building platform improved the energy efficiency and comfort of a residential complex in Matrid

One of the challenges of managing a residential complex is to ensure that the heating system is working properly and efficiently. A poorly maintained or controlled boiler can waste energy, increase costs, and reduce the comfort and satisfaction of the residents.

That's why the residential living complex in the northwest of Madrid decided to adopt the oqdo smart building platform since the beginning of 2023. The oqdo platform is a cloud-based solution that monitors and optimizes the performance of building systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The oqdo platform detected on day one that the boilers were running outside of their optimal temperature setpoint, which was causing inefficiency and strain on the boiler. By adjusting the temperature to the actual needs of the residents, the oqdo platform was able to increase energy efficiency and extend the life of the boiler. The residential complex therefore benefits from a higher quality of living and lower operating costs.

The oqdo platform also provides real-time data and insights on the performance of the building systems, which helps the building managers to identify and resolve any issues quickly and proactively. The building managers can also access the oqdo app, which allows them to control their individual heating settings.

The residential living complex in Torrelodones is one of the many examples of how the oqdo smart building platform can transform buildings into intelligent, sustainable, and comfortable spaces. 


  • 100% Energy transparency

    A key factor in achieving optimized energy use is to increase the transparency of energy consumption, which means making it clear how much energy is used and where it comes from. 

  • 1 Day Onboarding

    The building is digitally onboarded in a very short time and modeled as a uniform digital twin. The platform is ready for immediate use and offers the user all the advantages of digital building technology.  

  • 100% Insights💡

    Thanks to our platform, the user can easily and clearly follow the actual processes in their building, ensuring optimal operation.  

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