Digital buildings in the automotive sector

oqdo increases building efficiency at a German sports car manufacturer in Chile. 

 ðŸ“ Santiago, CHILE

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OQDO increases building efficiency at a German sports car manufacturer in Chile

 The Car Dealership of a well-known German sports car manufacturer in Santiago de Chile was equipped with OQDO's Smart Building platform to increase the transparency and efficiency of building operations. 

The platform enables digital management and control of all technical systems, such as lighting, heating, ventilation and security. By analyzing real-time data, the platform can show energy saving potential, detect faults early and optimize maintenance work. The platform also offers an intuitive user interface that allows employees and customers to perform individual control. OQDO's Smart Building platform is therefore an innovative solution that improves the comfort, safety and sustainability of the building. 

The customer is already planning to roll out the platform to additional branches in the region. 


  • 100% Energy transparency

    A key factor in achieving optimized energy use is to increase the transparency of energy consumption, which means making it clear how much energy is used and where it comes from. 

  • 1 Day Onboarding

    The building is digitally onboarded in a very short time and modeled as a uniform digital twin. The platform is ready for immediate use and offers the user all the advantages of digital building technology.  

  • 100% Insights💡

    Thanks to our platform, the user can easily and clearly follow the actual processes in their building, ensuring optimal operation.  

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