School Municipality Markt Neuhodis

Together with our partner Pronovum, we support the municipality of Markt Neuhodis in saving up to 30% energy in the operation of the nature park school and the nature park kindergarten.

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About the municipality Markt Neuhodis

The municipality of Markt Neuhodis with around 700 inhabitants is embedded in the southern slope of the Günsergebirge at the foot of the Gewrittenstein - the highest mountain in Burgenland and is part of the Geography Nature Park. Due to the favorable climatic location of the vineyards, the excellent wines that are offered together with regional specialties in numerous wine taverns have thrived here for centuries. Excellent regional products are also on the menu of the local restaurants. 


Sharply rising energy costs

 The aim is to counteract the rising costs for energy - especially with regard to heating costs in the winter months - without restricting comfort. 

No possibility of lowering the heaters outside of operation

Reducing the heating setpoints outside of operating hours and on public holidays is not possible with the current technology. 

Bridging measures

The new building for the school and kindergarten is already being implemented. Accordingly, no large investments in the portfolio are possible. 


  • Modernization of the control system

    In the first step, the existing technology was improved together with PRONOVUM during operation in order to be able to actively influence the operation of the heating systems. In this context, an open/standardized interface to other systems was created using BACnet. 

  • Integration of the various building components into a central platform

    The components of all buildings and systems were integrated in oqdo.bos as a central platform. The operating company gains a better understanding of its existing systems and their interrelationships, and at the same time a tool with which any problems that may arise within the system can be quickly identified and rectified. 

  • Energy visible

    With the help of digital twins and a smart building ontology, data was structured uniformly and process dependencies were defined. By using this information, for the first time it is possible to clearly and easily understand where and how much energy is consumed. 

  • Real-time notifications on mobile devices

    Users receive real-time notifications on their mobile devices when problems or alarms occur. With the app you can easily determine whether they need to be fixed immediately or whether an on-site visit is necessary. 


    Any teacher can now easily access weekly classroom heating schedules by simply scanning a QR code in the room. 

  • Schedules and calendars

    Users can now manage weekly schedules and holidays from any device, no matter where they are. 

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