Energy meters integration

published on 11 January 2024

Many building owners and operators face the challenge of improving their energy efficiency and reducing their operating costs. To do this, they need a reliable and comprehensive energy monitoring system that shows them the consumption and costs of electricity, gas, water and heat. But how can you set up such an energy monitoring system if your existing building automation does not have the necessary energy meters?

The solution is an MBus to BACnet gateway, which allows you to integrate additional energy meters into the smart building plattform oqdo.bos. An MBus to BACnet gateway is a device that converts the data from MBus-enabled energy meters into the BACnet protocol, which is used by oqdo.bos. This way, the energy meters can be easily connected to the gateway and communicate with oqdo.bos via an Ethernet connection.

With an MBus to BACnet gateway, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You can connect as many energy meters as you want to the gateway, depending on the number of available MBus channels.
  • You can use different types of energy meters, e.g. for electricity, gas, water or heat.
  • You can visualize, analyze and evaluate the data of the energy meters in oqdo.bos.
  • You can set up alarms and notifications when certain thresholds are exceeded.
  • You can create reports and statistics to monitor and improve your energy efficiency.
Energy meters integartion into oqdo.bos smart building platform
Energy meters integartion into oqdo.bos smart building platform

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