Weekly schedule, calendar

 With the weekly scedule and calendar apps, you can control when and how your heating, cooling, ventilation and other systems are running - also during public holidays. 

Weekly schedule
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Weekly schedule on Mobile
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Weekly schedule

With the weekly scheduler, you have control over when you want your systems to run. Depending on the building automation design, you can even set up operating modes such as Economy and Comfort. 

Weekly schedule


The calendar is an important tool to set up the operating days of your building. 

Flexible time ranges 

You have the option of using a fixed date for one-time events, but you can also specify flexible times, e.g. every year on December 24th. 

Public holidays

Don't want to enter public holidays manually? We do it for you with one click. 

Calendar with public holidays

Mobile friendly

Of course, our apps are designed in such a way that you can keep an eye on everything from your mobile phone and make changes if necessary. 

Weekly schedule on mobile
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