Energymanagement made easy⚡

Energy is precious🍃. Our app provides real-time insights into the energy consumption of your buildings. 

Energy meter - see consumption
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Energy Meters - see waste
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  • ISO 50001
    Software solutions for introducing/maintaining ISO 50001
  • BAFA
    Eligible energy management
  • CSRD
    Supports to reach goals from Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Benchmark your buildings

See how much energy is consumed/produced per m² and compare your buildings. 

Gain insights on your energy consumption in different units:

  • € or $
  • kg CO2
  • kWh
Energy Overview

Energy meter details

When it comes to optimization and details, every piece of information counts. Analyze each individual energy consumer. Your energy statistics can be displayed by

  • Days
  • Months
  • Years
Energy Meter

Categorize energy meters

Classify your energy meters for better insight and comparability.

We support any medium and type.

  • Electricity
  • Photovoltaic
  • Heat
  • Cooling
  • Gas
  • and many more
Energy meter Configuration

Energy flow

Link your energy meters to get a clear view of how the energy is flowing

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ISO 50001

With its extensive functions, our solution supports you in the successful implementation of ISO 50001.
You can see in real time where you are in terms of measures to achieve your goals and can derive them.

ISO 50001 Process
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